Finding Motivation

So it’s the 9th day of April and I’m not what the health nuts would call “clean”. Apparently, I have NO self control. I’m really disappointed in myself so far… but, like the addicts say (saw it on a TV show) if a month is too long, take it day by day; if a day is too long take it hour by hour; if an hour is too long, take it minute by minute- anyone can do anything for one minute. So I’m not getting into any of the crap I’ve stuffed my face with over the past few days, I’ll just say HEB’s spinach dip probably isn’t on the clean eating lists. 

I was talking to good friend about the lack of motivation to get our butts to the gym lately… I don’t know if it’s our age or our jobs or what but damn, it’s hard to make myself work out. I finally found a motivator that MIGHT work… I want to go on a cruise over Christmas break this year and I DO NOT want to wear a damn one piece swim suit or be disgusted with all the pictures of my first real vacation with my boyfriend in 5 years. So we’re talking December 20th, that gives me about 8 months to get back to a body I’m confident about. That’s plenty of time for someone who is motivated and determined, who is working out every day and eating healthy and clean. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can… 

While I won’t be completely cutting out anything in particular, bread and potatoes (basically anything white) really needs to be on a hardly ever, and only in very small portions basis. I’m going to make myself a motivation board (or 2) and hang them places I need to be reminded the most. For example, the fridge, my desk at work (when I start wanting to go get mexican food for lunch), perhaps the background on my phone (for when I’m check the time at work -restaurant work and want to graze on croutons and bacon), etc. It’s worth a try right? 


So far so good

I’m pretty proud of myself. I had to administer the state test today and (free donuts in yo face) I ate clean all day AND I worked my second job (really delish seafood place). Hello temptations. I started off with eggs and a smoothie of spinach and berries. Had leftover steak and asparagus for lunch and had a potato and corn from my bf’s crawfish for dinner… I know, dinner not great but not too bad. Today, (state testing again) same breakfast, some left over pork with cabbage and carrots for lunch. And here we are… I think I can I think I can.

Here we go!

It’s not technically day one but it’s Monday so it’s easier to just start today. I don’t know, does coffee count? Is it consider “clean” to drink coffee or is that supposed to go too? Well, I started off today with my favorite coffee (Houston Blend from HEB) and my wheatgrass powder mixed with fresh grapefruit juice. I also had two soft boiled eggs. I found a method that works perfectly for soft boiled eggs.

Perfectly soft-boiled eggs:
Boil about 1/2-1 inch of water covered. Once it starts to boil put your steamer basket (with eggs) in the pot and cover. Let them steam about 6.5 minutes. Meanwhile, get a bowl of ice water ready to stop the cooking process. After 6.5-7 minutes, place the eggs in the ice bath and leave for about 5 minutes unless you want to eat them warm (only cool for about 3 minutes).

Increase steaming time a minute or two at a time to make medium- hard boiled eggs.

Anyone have suggestions on clean eating?

Why is it so difficult?!

Apparently I have no self control. I am always slipping up and pigging out. I guess I just love junk food. But as I get older the weight comes on way faster than it used to and comes off way slower. So I’m testing my self control for the month of April. Can she do it folks? Total paleo didn’t work out… its just too restrictive for me. I love all things dairy; I really like salty snacks like bagel chips and triscuits. The list goes on and on. So my next challenge for myself is “Clean Eating” – basically avoid all the processed crap. We’ll see…

I fell off the wagon



It’s been fooorrreeevvverrrrr since I blogged on here…. and it’s been almost that long since I was being good on my food intake and definitely since I’ve been paleo-ish.  Well, I’m feeling bloated and gross and I’m getting back to the basics. So mainly to keep myself a little more aware, I’m going to try to write on here about it. A while back I bought a spiralizer and I haven’t used it nearly enough but there are a ton of recipes online so check back for some links and pics and reviews (if there’s anyone actually reading this)… 🙂


I thought this was an interesting post on “cherry picking” from the Paleo diet… what do you think?

Irrelephant Journalism


TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – What is the Paleo Diet?

Is it, as some have said, the healthiest way you can eat because it is the ONLY nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean, strong and energetic!

Or is it a new diet fad that has come along in our newfound, gluten-free society?

I like to think it’s a little bit of both.

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Well I really fubbed on posting lately huh? Sorry bout that. I have been not so paleo- I’ve eaten way too many “cheat meals” BUT I’ve stayed pretty gluten free for the most part. What I mean is I’ve had rice, beans, cheese, a little bread here and there but mostly GF. I’ve continued exercising on a regular basis and have lost a few inches but not many pounds. I started the Insanity videos today and hope to see more drastic results with this program. I’m going to try and stick to it’s intense 6 days a week schedule and be a little more conscientious about eating more strictly paleo. I’ll update with the results every couple weeks and if I’m seeing something I like, I’ll post some before/after pics… 🙂

I ran a 5K

photo (3)

I finally ran my first 5k,  actually, it was closer to a 6K. It was a trail run, which people say is more difficult and your time will be increased from what you would do on a flat road. I did it in 40 minutes, not great but not terrible. I was 36 out of 67 women. I felt amazing afterward and will definitely do it again.

“Why does the popularity of trail running in the United States surge every time there’s a national crisis or period of epidemic uncertainty?

Simple answer: Running like a wild man or woman through the woods nurtures the soul.” –trail running


Debating Dairy?

Here’s a serious essay on the Pros and Cons of Dairy… you decide. I’m still eating cheese y’aaaallllll. Oh, and it says goat dairy is closer to human milk so it’s better.. yay for goat cheese 🙂

The Definitive Guide to Dairy

Why you got fat


I plan to watch this documentary tonight. I’ll let you know what I learn! 🙂

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